SuperStorm Sandy

Posted by – November 21, 2012

On October 22nd, Tropical Storm Sandy formed in the Caribbean and meteorologists began warning that Sandy would combine with a strong nor’easter and produce a storm of the century.  The Weather Channel initially dubbed it “Frankenstorm” but it later became “SuperStorm” Sandy.  On the night of October 29th, it slammed into the northeast coast near Atlantic City, New Jersey leaving catastrophic damage in its wake.  As one survivor put it “Sandy kicked our asses”.

In the days leading up to the storm authorities warned millions to expect power outages at some point during Sandy and many would likely not have power restored for days, if not weeks.  High winds, heavy rains, storm surge, flash flooding, and heavy snow were expected with this monster that caused impact states from Florida to Maine to prepare for the worst.    Utility trucks were staged, evacuation orders were issued, power was shut off in anticipation of the surge, and the President issued emergency declarations to provide direct federal assistance to the states of CT, MA, MD, NJ, NY, PA, RI, DE, and the District of Columbia.

There was a lot of talk before this storm about media hype but everything happened exactly the way forecasters and authorities warned.  Sandy was a multiple day event and, in the aftermath, 8.2 million people were without power, thousands were in shelters, hundreds of homes were destroyed, thousands more damaged, and near 100 people lost their lives in the US  alone.  The road to recovery will be long but hopefully the folks here, with the thousands that came to help, will stay strong and come back better than before.

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