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Posted by – October 3, 2009

Ever get one of those emails that has an attached PowerPoint slide show or Word document you can’t open because you don’t have Microsoft Office?  Ever wish you could afford to put Microsoft Office on your home computer so you can type up your own docs or spreadsheets?  Yes?  Read on…

I was fortunate enough to purchase my copy of Microsoft Office (at a drastic reduction) through a program my employer takes part in.  Many people, though, don’t have that opportunity.  So what are the options?  Take out a loan?  Use your kid’s college fund?  Shoplift?  Bootleg?  Unless there’s a reason why you specifically need Microsoft Office, may I suggest OpenOffice.

I downloaded and installed OpenOffice’s suite of programs onto my “test stuff out” PC to check it out before suggesting it to anyone.  I was pleasantly surprised.  If you’ve used Microsoft Office, you should feel right at home with OpenOffice.  It looks and feels a lot like it’s overpriced counterpart and the suite includes programs that resemble Microsoft Office’s programs:  Writer = Word,  Calc = Excel,  Impress = PowerPoint,  Draw = Publisher,  Base = Access.   In fact, you can open Microsoft Office files with OpenOffice’s corresponding programs.  You can also create your own files and documents and save them in OpenOffice’s open file format OR save them in Microsoft Office file formats.  Easy to use and super compatible.  Sounds good, right?  Read on…

OpenOffice is open-source software.  It runs on Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, and Mac systems AND is available in many different languages.  Help & Support are available from the site and, if you’re so inclined, you can also work with the developers to improve the software.  Best of all, you can download and install OpenOffice free of charge.  That’s right, I said FREE.

If you’re already using OpenOffice, what do you think of it?  Any issues you’d like to share?  If you’d like more information or would like to download the program, click the OpenOffice button below.   Either way, if you like it and decide to make it a part of your software repertoires, you might consider making a donation.  After all, it comes with a considerable discount.   :o )

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2 Comments on Office… Free?

  1. lildabster says:

    Good input from someone who’s used it at length. Thanks Jeff. Always a pleasure.

  2. I used Open Office for about 3 years before taking advantage of MY employer’s program agreement with Microsoft. I never had any issues and was extremely pleased with how it performed.

    Good article and very informative. I would urge anyone who cannot afford a full version of Microsoft Office to take advantage of Open Office.

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