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Moving On…

Posted by – March 26, 2009

Well, I don’t really write that much to begin with but right now it’s been all about finishing up paperwork, making reservations, and getting home.  That’s right, I’m finally leaving Austin and going home for some much needed R&R.

I’m flying into West Palm to visit with my moms for a few days and then we’ll drive up to my house.  I’m excited.  But with everything going on I haven’t posted a few things I’ve intended to post.  I’ll be spending the majority of the day tomorrow in airports and airplanes so I’m hoping somewhere in there I’ll be able to get something posted here.

Until then, thank you Austin.  If I had to leave Florida I could see myself living here.  Until next time….

The Oasis at Lake Travis

Posted by – March 12, 2009

On the way back from Marble Falls I passed by Lake Travis and decided to take a turn down Comanche Trail to visit the Oasis.  I heard from a few folks at work that this Oasis was a great place to go for lunch or dinner and had great views.  According to the literature, it’s been known as the Sunset Capital of Texas and the multi-level decks are 400 feet above Lake Travis.  They also have a gift shop where you can buy various Texas souvenirs.

I wanted to go down below the Oasis, get a closer view of the lake, and maybe take some pictures so I tried to find my way around the Oasis.  I ended up walking down the shoulder of the road running alongside the place.  (Too much traffic to walk in the road.)  As I got further down the hill the shoulder became narrower and I could see it was about to end.  I decided to turn around and head back since I also noticed there was no way to get down to the water and the views were blocked by gated homes and brush.

As I turned I heard a rustling behind me.  Now, at home if you hear a rustling, it’s usually a lizard so I didn’t think much about it… until I heard the rattle.  I didn’t move my feet but continued turning my head to see where it was coming from.  I caught sight of the rattler as it was making it’s way up under a rock.  I couldn’t have been more than two to two and a half feet from it but as luck would have it, it was apparently even more scerred of me.   Note to self:  Watch where you’re going and stay off the unbeaten path.  This is Texas. 

I went back to the Oasis and asked if there was a place nearby where I could take in the scenery.  “How much scenery?” the guy asked.  I answered by giving him my best look of confusion.  He explained that if I wanted I could hit the nudist park down the street.  I opted for the other park, Windy Point.  I followed the Comanche Trail a few miles until I came to the park. There were folks staying there in RVs, folks boating, barbecuing, scuba diving, and folks playing with their dogs.  And yet, with all that was going on, it was still very peaceful.  I chilled there for a while and then headed back to the car.

As I came back out to the highway that would take me back to my hotel, I recalled a church I passed on the way that had views of Lake Travis from it’s parking lot.  I wasn’t the only one to have that idea.  I took a few shots and FINALLY headed back to my hotel.  I didn’t see a whole lot but I couldn’t have asked for a more peaceful, relaxing day and more beautiful weather.  I hope to do that again before I leave Texas.

You can check out the few pictures I took here.

Marble Falls (sans the falls)

Posted by – March 10, 2009

The last few weeks we’ve gone back to working 7 days so I haven’t seen much more than the inside of my hotel room, work, and my eyelids.  Just before, we had a full weekend off and, while I slept the entire day that Saturday, I did get out of my room and take a leisurely Sunday drive through “Hill Country”.

I left my hotel about 10am and drove 45 minutes to Marble Falls (along the Colorado River).  The drive wasn’t bad at all.  Not my usual long, straight, flat highway road trip with nothing to look at but fields.  This one was full of curves, hills, lakes, (dried up) creek beds, pastures, ranches, and vineyards.  Before I knew it, I was there.  Unfortunately, since it was Sunday there wasn’t a whole lot going on.  (I knew I should have gone out on Saturday.)

When I got into town I headed to Main Street which is only about two or three blocks long.  It was a ghost town.  One thing I did notice, though, was the statuary around town.  Lots of it.  I found a map of Marble Falls on a sign post in the middle of Main Street.  On the way into town I passed a sign for Max Starke Dam.  According to the map, the town was named after the falls there.  Today the falls are under water but according to the information if the water level is low, you should see the falls.  Since the newscaster that morning said the water level here was about 5 feet below normal as a result of the draught, I thought I would surely see some falls so off I went.

The road to the dam winds back off the highway, over a bridge and around a power station.  There were a few “Private Property” and “No Trespassing” signs along the way but this sign (pictured right) really caught my eye and made me  think twice about continuing on.  Who would put a sign like this alongside the road to a tourist attraction (of sorts)?

The dam entrance is off limits to anyone but authorized personnel but just before there’s a dirt road on the right and a sign to fisherman that the area can be used as long as it’s kept clean.  That’s the road I took.  I’m not quite sure how (or where) fisherman are suppose to fish from here since it’s a couple hundred feet above the water.  I must be missing something.  I found a viewing area and got out to look around.  There was so much growth it was difficult to get a look at anything but I did manage to take a few shots. 

When I left there I headed back towards the hotel.  I read that there is a stone quarry at Granite Mountain in Marble Falls where they quarried “Texas Pink” granite to construct the Austin State Capital building.  I’m hoping I will get an up close and personal look at the Capital before I leave but for now, to be honest, the weather was perfect and I was enjoying the ride more than anything. 

To check out the few pictures I took click here

What a Difference a Month Makes!

Posted by – February 12, 2009

There must have been something really wrong with the water (or something) in Houston.  Over the last few weeks I’ve felt so much better.  No more headaches, no more feeling ill, no more breaking out, no more rashes, no more cracklin skin, and when I do my laundry my clothes come out soft and smell clean instead of standing up in the corner smelling like sewage.  As far as work, the only stress I have is what I put on myself.  All is good here in Austin!  Well, with the exception of the crazy weather and frozen car….

I’ve met a lot of nice people and run into names and faces I’ve met before.  There’s a camaraderie here (at least where I’m working) that definitely wasn’t in the workplace in Houston and sadly not in the Florida office either.   I guess that could be attributed to those older (seasoned) employees who know how these things are suppose to work unlike those newbie types who seem to always be jockeying (or throwing each other under the bus) for position.

Superbowl Sunday my immediate supervisor called my room to invite me down to have a little fun with her and some of the other ladies.  The hotel put together a party for the game including a ton of food and ice cold “adult beverages”.  There were about a dozen people downstairs partaking in the freebies and watching the game.  (Far fewer than the hotel expected.)  I ended up playing the dice game Farkle with the ladies until they finally retired at 8pm.  LOL!  I must admit I had fun. 

At dinner I usually run into a few folks from work but after the meal and a little conversation, it’s back to the cave to prepare for work the next morning.  Not much more.  My job now requires me to sit with my face in the computer 10 hours per day so making myself sit here to write anything has been impossible.   Beginning next week we’ll have Saturdays off also so that would allow me to rest up the eyes and make it more possible, however, as it stands right now, we will likely be sent home at the end of this month.  (Subject to change at any time.)

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