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Blog Update

Posted by – April 14, 2010

The blog is now in a generic state but working.  Also, I noticed  that the comments were closed on all previous posts.  The global setting for posts was set to leave comments open but apparently the individual posts were all set to closed comments.  Hopefully, I’ve fixed that situation.  Thanks for your patience.  Now, onward and upward.

Pardon My Dust

Posted by – April 6, 2010

constr2Okay, so I haven’t been in Blogland for quite a while.  Truth is, I’ve been busy trying to get other things accomplished AND I got a bit frustrated with the blog itself.  You see, I had been getting notifications to upgrade my blog software for quite a while so I finally relented.  I backed up my blog files, did the upgrade, and BAMMM what a mess!  My blog looked like someone put it into a hat, shook it up, then threw it back in here.  I had the backup files but I was still ticked about the mess the upgrade created so I decided to back off the blog until I decided what to do about it.  I’ve been doing some tweaking here n there and hope to get it working properly but haven’t completely decided what to do overall.  Until that time, please pardon my mess.

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