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Saturday Mourning (Part 3)

Posted by – March 2, 2011

Back in early 1998 we were living in the garage at my grandmother’s house waiting to find the house we wanted to move into.  We already had two dogs (the reason we were forced to buy rather than rent a place) so when someone asked me if I would take on a 3rd, I did.  What’s one more right? 

We didn’t have the greatest start with her.  On the drive home after picking her up I suddenly became overwhelmed with the smell of feces.  Sure enough, when I turned to look in the back seat, I caught her “in the position”.  I was a hair away from turning the car around and returning her but it all worked out.  Because the other two dogs were already trained and housebroken, she followed suit and quickly fit right in.  She was a 2 month old Beagle we named KC (after KC and the Sunshine Band).  Later her name would be recorded as Casey because, for some reason I never understood, the vet office couldn’t just put KC on her record.

Out of the 3 dogs she was the only one that liked to get in the pool and go for a cool swim when the weather was warm.  And when the older dog stumbled into the pool, she tried to reach down and grab him by the neck to help.  Barked at him as she walked down the side of the pool leading him to the steps.  By the time I realized what was going on and ran out to the pool, she was on her way down the steps to try to get him.  Our own “Lifeguard on duty”.    Her favorite past time… digging.  Of course.  I had to pay attention whenever I was in the yard doing lawn work so I wouldn’t break an ankle in one of the many caverns she dug.  She had quite the mischievous streak on her and kept us on our toes.

Yep, she definitely had her own personality.   One that was even more noticeable when the other two dogs died back in late 2008- early 2009.  At that point, she became the center of attention and demanded every bit of it.  When I was working she stayed with my mom and got special attention (and extra treats) from her.  When I wasn’t working I was home all day so my pal was with me 24/7.  Plus the occasional ride in the car.

About a year ago I took her to the vet because she seemed to be having problems going to the bathroom.  She was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  The treatments consisted of 3 different medications daily plus the occasional round of antibiotics.   The meds seemed to do the trick.  She was doing much better.  Then two weeks ago she came in from outside limping and whining.  I wasn’t sure what may have happened so I quickly gave her a double dose of pain med and tried to comfort her until I could get her to the vet.  An hour later the meds had kicked in and she was a wet noodle so the vet wasn’t able to see what she was doing earlier.   However, they did check her out and take xrays but found nothing.  They speculated that she may have gotten stung by something or pulled a muscle while outside.  I thought it may have had something to do with her back because of the way she sat but they assured me her back and hips looked fine.  I was told if it happened again I could treat her with the pain meds and muscle relaxer but if it got worse they would need to send her to a specialist.  The following morning she was bouncing around like nothing had happened.

Two days later she had another episode.  I slipped her the meds and, once they started working, she was fine but I knew I was going to have to do something more.   Then, Friday evening I took her out for her last potty break of the night and within a few minutes she began to limp.  I ran in to get the meds and when I came back out she had loss the use of both her back legs.  I gave her the meds anyway because she seemed to be in pain and called the vet.  I was referred to the after hours vet hospital so I called them then got ready to take her in.

The pain meds hadn’t helped her at all this time.   I think she only stopped crying at the vet office because being there scared her.  She was checked out and the doc said her prognosis was not good.  She said that either a clot or cancer cells were cutting off the circulation to her rear area causing her to be paralyzed (and in pain).  She said the situation was only getting worse.   That if they tried to dislodge the clot, it may go somewhere else and kill her.  And more than likely, her pain would not be relieved nor would she regain her legs.  So…..

In the wee hours of the morning on Saturday I had to make the decision to let her go.  It was difficult because I didn’t want to be without seeing her sweet little face but I couldn’t be selfish.  I miss her very much.  She was my daily routine. 
RIP Casey   November 1997 – February 2011

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