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It’s June 1st

Posted by – June 1, 2011

Welcome to Hurricane Season 2011!  Please fasten your seat belts, put your tray tables & seatbacks in the upright position, and stow your valuables.  We may be in for a bumpy ride!

According to the weather folk the conditions are ripe in the Atlantic and the Gulf for an active tropical season.  Added to that are above average sea surface temperatures.  NOAA’s prediction for this year is also above average with 12–18 named storms, 6–10 hurricanes, and 3–6 major hurricanes with winds of 111 mph or greater.  If the weather events so far this year have been a precursor to hurricane season, get ready… NOW.  Don’t wait until a hurricane is a day away from landfall to prepare.  Those of you inland remember, you are not immune.

The names for this year’s hurricanes are: Arlene ~ Bret ~ Cindy ~ Don ~ Emily ~ Franklin ~ Gert ~ Harvey ~ Irene ~ Jose ~ Katia ~ Lee ~ Maria ~ Nate ~ Ophelia ~ Philippe ~ Rina ~ Sean ~ Tammy ~ Vince ~ Whitney

You can keep an eye on the tropics and developing storms at NOAA’s website here.
Be Prepared and Stay Safe.

All Eyes on Fay

Posted by – August 16, 2008

Governor Crist announced this afternoon that he has declared a state of emergency for Florida in anticipation of Hurricane Fay’s Arrival.  Fay is still a tropical storm but is expected to become a hurricane some time tomorrow.  It’s not expected to intensify much, staying at category 1 status when it makes landfall Tuesday morning.

Fay Projected Path

The Governor urged Floridians to make sure they’re prepared and have an emergency plan ready.  He also gave out the web address www.floridadisaster.org as a place to go for updated storm information, as well as,  links and other useful information.

Even if this storm turns out to be nothing more than a rainmaker, I think it’s a great opportunity to make sure you’re prepared and do a storm “dry run”.  I think it’s best to prepare for every storm crossing the Atlantic as if it was a major storm headed in your direction.  I’m usually on alert until there’s nothing left of a storm or it’s way too far away to be a threat anymore.  Need I remind you of Hurricane Jeanne?

Although you really should prepare yourself for hurricane season before the season starts, now is as good a time as any.  Stop procrastinating!  Put a hurricane kit together or check and replenish the one you have.  Have an evacuation plan.  If you’re family is spread out, it might be good to have a central contact.  My family’s central contact is my grandmother, who spends the hurricane season up in Maryland.  Visit your local television station’s website for hurricane preparedness information, suggestions, and tracking information or visit your local grocery store for these publications.  I will also put together pics and suggestions of my own and post them on the Community/Home page of my website.

Be Proactive, Be Safe.

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