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All That Noise!

Posted by – September 9, 2009

So now that the President has delivered his speech to America’s students, can I ask “What was all that noise from protesting parents?”.   Is it me or does it seem like folks nowadays are quick to protest, whine, and judge things even before having any facts? 

I heard some people state that they didn’t like the government interfering with their child’s schooling.  Others stated the whole thing would be too much of a distraction and an interruption in their child’s school day.  Some even stated they didn’t want the President pushing his political agenda on their children.

Okay, I refuse to comment on the political agenda comment because it’s completely ridiculous.  For you who were complaining about government interference… Hello, your child is going to a government run, government paid for public school!  Try a different excuse.  As far as distractions… it’s the beginning of the school year so nothing has really started yet and the President of the country you live in wants to speak to your child about the importance of education and encourage him/her to be all they can be.  What’s wrong with that?  I didn’t hear any complaining when the previous president visited school children.  Why now?  And what are you really (subconsciously) saying to your children with your “selective” grumbling?

When I was in school I never heard the president (at that time) give encouraging speeches to students.  Did they back then?  Or did my parents keep me from hearing it?  I did read the speech President Obama gave (you can read it here).  It seemed more like an encouraging, no bull pep talk instead of a parental lecture (and we all know those don’t work).   I thought it was good, and as I read it, I couldn’t help but wonder if hearing the President say those words to me would have made me more focused as a child.  I could have used it.

Live from New York…!

Posted by – September 14, 2008

We all knew this was coming didn’t we?  Who better to play Sarah Palin than SNL’s Tina Fey.  Miss Fey returned to SNL last night and did the opening skit with Amy Poehler (playing Hillary Clinton).  I would love to have seen it but I was snoring away (maybe drooling a bit) by that time.  I watched it this evening when my work day was over and got a good laugh.  If you missed it, you can view it below.  Enjoy!


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