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No RN, Just IV… Please!

Posted by – October 30, 2009

There’s not a lot on television I care to watch these days.  All I see in the show listings are cop shows, reality (dog-eat-dog) shows, and crime shows.  Tons of them.  Seriously, how many crime scene shows do the networks think is necessary?  Will we soon have one for every major U.S. city?  The only series that seem to interest me are those original series from Showtime or HBO (IE… Dexter, Weeds, True Blood, Epitafios…).

Back in June of this year, Showtime premiered a new series call “Nurse Jackie” and I decided to check it out.  Jackie (played by the great Edie Falco) is an ER nurse with a sharp tongue and (thanks to chronic back pain) an addiction to pain meds.  At first look I thought “Hmmm, change a few details of the lead character and you get the show HOUSE“.  However, after watching a few episodes, I changed my mind.

House may be a rebellious, pill-popping, sarcastic prick but he has some likability. I didn’t find anything likable about Jackie.  Granted, she seems to know her (nursing) stuff but she also seemed to do very little of it.  Instead, she spent most of her shift snorting pain meds, having sex with her pharmacist boyfriend (med supplier), hanging out in various hospital nooks complaining about one thing or another, and committing numerous other questionable and unethical acts.  Add to that her attempt to hide her indiscretions from her husband, coworkers, and aforementioned boyfriend and it’s a wonder there’s any time for patients. 

I decided to give the show a chance and watch the entire 12 episode season just in case something would happen to change my opinion.  After all, the media likened Jackie to Dexter and you know I’m addicted to that series.  Unfortunately, after watching every episode, my opinion didn’t change at all.  I mean, what’s a more disturbing thought… a serial killer who kills serial killers and pedophiles or an addict nurse who may be having a bad day and “Ooops! So sorry about your loved one, but don’t you worry I’ll take care of those pain meds he’ll no longer need” ?  The ONLY thing I got out of watching the entire season was the fear of ever going into an ER ever again!

You can imagine my horror when shortly after the series ended my doctor informed me that I needed an operation.  Oh, the irony!  I’ve been in an operating room before but this time I was even more nervous.  Fortunately, my mother drove up to be with me at the hospital and help me out afterward.  My grandmother and aunt also came to the hospital that morning.  They were all a great help.  They managed to take my mind off of the possibility of “crazy nurse” and, instead, we tried to establish whether the doctor could be hungover or drunk from the night before.  Or, if my surgery was moved to an earlier time so they could make an early tee time.  (FYI:  apparently the doctors don’t have tee times on Mondays because it’s too crowded that day.)

After surgery I was happily (and heavily) medicated so my fear of “crazy nurse” was gone.  Would that be (involuntarily) facing your fears?  Maybe medically induced amnesia?  I haven’t thought about it since…until I started writing this.    No matter, I now have a clean bill of health and, as you may have guessed, no intention of tuning into the second season of Nurse Jackie.

Anybody else see the series?  If so, what did you think?  Am I being too critical?

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