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Need a Maid Service?

Posted by – December 2, 2008

(from lilDabster’s Library Computer section)
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Versions available for Win XP Home, XP Pro, and Vista with Internet Explorer 7 or greater
I’ve  developed what I hope is an easy-to-use tool that will clean temp files, clean temp internet files, clean cookies, clear history, clear recent docs, defrag, and more with the click of a mouse.  It consists of a series of batch files and uses simple Windows and IE commands to accomplish each task.  You can run commands individually, choose which options you would like to run, or run everything.  You make the choice.  (For those familiar with computers, you can print out this notepad doc, open a command prompt, and type in the command for some of the operations you wish to accomplish.)

If you’re interested in checking it out, you’ll find the downloads and some instruction here at my Computer Library site.

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