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Good Eats in York

Posted by – March 10, 2012

When I’m playing road warrior it’s sometimes difficult to eat healthy when I first get to a destination.  I usually grab whatever fast food is close.  Then as I get to know the area and talk to locals I find better places to get meals.  The same was true for York.  After a few weeks I had a hankering for some seafood so I searched my Yelp and Urban Spoon apps for a nearby restaurant and found the Blue Heron.

According the restaurant info, the Blue Heron served French style and Mediterranean influence cuisine.  Years ago I ate at a French restaurant and it is NOT my favorite of cuisines.  The only French food I like:  French fries, French toast, French bread, French-style green beans.    I do however like Mediterranean food so I decided to give it a try.   The following Saturday we were able to leave work at an earlier time so I headed to the blue heron for dinner.

The restaurant sits just off the Queens Street exit off interstate 83 south.  It’s a very small building you can easily miss if you’re not really looking for it.  I got there fairly early for dinner.  Later I would realize that wasn’t a bad idea.   The place only seats 36 so it didn’t take long to fill up.

I did what I usually do and went with one of the specials:  Crab cake dinner.  I love crab cakes but most places put so many fillers in them they’re terrible.  I had to try these, though, based on the server’s description.  The dinner consisted of two nice size crab cakes (ALL MEAT) plated with some type of lemon sauce, a raspberry sauce, a special slaw, garnished with two 2 thin fried apple slices, and accompanied by fresh grilled green beans and a basket of rolls.

While I was enjoying my meal something caught my attention.  The folks at the next table over reached into a bag they carried in and pulled out a bottle of wine.  The woman who joined them pulled another bottle out of her big ole purse.  I’m sure the look on my face was one of complete confusion.  I sat staring with my mouth open as the waiter came over to their table carrying wine glasses and then proceeded to open the bottle for them and pour the wine.  The only thing I could figure was maybe they had no liquor license and therefore could not SELL the stuff.  I never did find out for sure what the story was.  By the time I finished my meal the tables were full and folks were pulling bottle out everywhere!

I have to say my dinner was delicious!  I would definitely return to this place if I’m ever back in the area.  In fact, the selections listed on the menu, as well as, the specials my server told me, ALL sounded delicious.  If you’re in the York area, the Blue Heron is a definite ‘must eat’.  Try it out and let me know what you think.

Shoe House

Posted by – March 9, 2012

I spent a month and a half working in York, Pennsylvania but with only a few Sundays off I didn’t get to see much.  (Not a lot happening on Sundays either.)  One of those days I drove over to Wrightsville hoping to get in on a group hike from Shank’s Mare.  Unfortunately, that group was full up and I was told that it was the last hike of the season.  It was a beautiful day so I took a scenic drive along the Susquehanna River instead.

On the way back to my hotel I decided to check out the Shoe House.  One of the local ladies at work suggested I check out the local attraction that had appeared in the tv show “The Amazing Race”.  I knew it was off Market Street just east of York so I drove until I found Shoe House Road.  I drove up the hill and, sure enough, there was a shoe (house).   I parked in back of the house next to the shoe-shaped doghouse (of course).  As I walked to the Shoe House I was met by a gentlemen coming from the garden shed.  He stated he was the caretaker and guided me into the shoe as he shared a little info about its maker.

The Shoe House was built in 1948 as an advertising gimmick by Mahlon Haines, also known as the Shoe Wizard of York.  Haines was an eccentric millionaire who built a shoe empire in central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.  He had the house modeled after a high-top work boot.  It has 5 levels with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living room and kitchen.   It was pretty cool but hard to believe people used to live in the thing.  Were people smaller back then?  I visited the gift/ice cream shop in the soul of the shoe where I browsed a bit and finally picked up a post card souvenir.  Then headed back to my hotel and called it a day.

That was one of those oddities you find off the beaten path.  If you’re interested in more info about the house or Haines, you can check out this article or the Shoe House site for tour hours and pricing.

HOG Heaven

Posted by – November 10, 2011

Harley FactoryI finally had the opportunity to tour the Harley-Davidson vehicle operations plant in York, PA.  To say I enjoyed the tour would be a complete understatement.  I was completely fascinated; at times entranced.  The building itself was impressive enough but watching them build the bikes ….

I arrived at the plant early in the morning and signed up for the next available tour.  Perfect timing.  Turns out there was only one other guy signed up, a bike enthusiast from Canada.  I walked around the lobby area until our tour began checking out the exhibits, sitting on some of the bikes, and wandering through the gift shop.  At tour time our guide directed us into the theater for a short, 5-minute film introduction to the birth of the Harley-Davidson legacy.  Afterward, we were led to a small room where we were given goggles and an amplified listening device so that we could hear our guide while we walked through the plant.  From there we entered the manufacturing area where we were able to watch the entire process of building the Harley bikes.  From the big sheet metal presses popping out the various parts, to assembly, to the paint process, to roll testing, and finally shipping.  We did this, not in some viewing booth somewhere in the plant but, right next to the production lines.  The tour, which is normally 50 minutes, took approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes because I and my Canadian friend couldn’t seem to break away at times from what we were watching.  There was so much to see and take in.

It was a fantastic experience and at the bargain price of FREE you should really check it out if you’re in the area.  Definitely a “must see”.  The only thing that could have made it any better would have been getting to roll test one of the bikes.  Hey, I can dream can’t I?

If you would like to check out tour times and info, visit  www.harley-davidson.com/experience.

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